Saturday, November 10, 2007

HullJimi RTR Challenge

1) How are you going to start the challenge??

I've decided to take a different line of attack than the two previous attempts. I'm going to sit down at 5c/10c table on Bodog with the whole stack - I've just signed up for Bodog and it's bonkers at that level. So I'll be hoping for some nutter to double me up sharpish.....or I'll get outdrawn and last all of 5 minutes!

2) You're up to $25 after an hour. What do you do in that situation??

Do a little dance, make a little love - basically get down tonight!

Well, given I'm playing cash, I must have found a juicy table. So, I'll leave some money on the cash tables and chuck in a SNG or two on Stars for a change of scenary....

3) And when are you doing the challenge??

Saturday night. Unless the wife throws a spanner in the works. If she does *I'll beat her and throw her back in the kitchen* (strike this out!!), I'll be doing it Tuesday night.

I'll post on the forums so everyone knows it's game on!

4) If you stay in the money, you'll beat BurnleyMik. Will you consider just sitting out?? ;o)

Not only BM, but Matty too.....

And no, they'll be no sitting out!