Friday, November 20, 2009

Controlling Tilt, Syndicates and More

A new thread started on the forum about the age of problem of tilt and dealing with it. Add you opinions and thoughts HERE.

Also, a new "rant and rave" thread has been started. A place for you to go, vent, rage and generally just clear the air!


the $55, $80k gtd syndicate is running again tonight on pokerstars. This time up, its Snake_eyes to play his game. everyone is wishing him luck and you can follow his action here: LINK

Still a long way to go in these, but it would be nice to see Snake get a decent cash tonight to get the ball rolling and break the duck!

Amatays Binkage Thread

Is going well, but only for him! As of yet, the only other person to manage a binkage post in there is DoV, for his Bloggerment win. If you play MTT's and are good enough to win any, whatever site, please join and post your binkage, just to stop him having a HUUUUGEE head :-).

The Mirror Prop Bet

Starts on Sunday evening. basically a bunch of us playing MTT's and the person with the best results wins the prop bet! We are all playing the same games, so it should be a lot of fun. if you want to join up and play this, just join here and let us know in the forum!

So, if you aren't a member, get yourself over and join us.