Thursday, November 15, 2007


Poker is a tough game. We all know that. Sometimes the odd player might make it a little easier for us with a bad bet or call, but essentially it can be a very frustrating game. When trying to build a bankroll, it’s not called “grinding” for nothing – it’s hard work, and you have to put the hours in.
I read somewhere this week that the joy of a win is only a quarter of the annoyance you feel when you suffer a bad beat – and in a game where bad beats are always going to happen, you are putting yourself through an emotional rollercoaster every time you play – and unless you win at least 80% of the time, you are generally going to feel bad about poker more than you are going to feel good about poker – it’s a fact of poker life.
So, if poker is such hard work, and such an annoying game, then why do we play?
Why don’t we turn off the laptop and do something else?? There are a million things out there to do. You could go and have a round of golf. You could go and have a pint. You could build a raft for Milla Jovovich (well, one member of RTR might..)

I can’t answer for anyone else, but here’s why I play poker…
I am a lover of sport. It used to be the case that if there was sport on TV, I’d watch it. Anything – football, darts, snooker, formation ballroom dancing, boxing, and I’d get involved emotionally with it. I’ve rowed with Sir Steve Redgrave, I’ve celebrated with Gazza as he looped the ball over the central defender and banged it in the net (Wembley 1996 – some of you might remember that with a smile on your face – some of you won’t) and I’ve pushed Desert Orchid to a Gold Cup win.
However, since I started playing poker, I have become the Sportsman – and with a little bit of help from the poker gods, my poker destiny is in my own hands. If I decided that I wanted to try and become the WSOP champion, then I could have a go, and depending on how much money I want to invest, I might have to win one,two, three or four events to achieve my aim. If I decide that I might want to have a go at winning a big Sunday night event, I can go for it. And in what other sport can I compete against people from all over the world whenever I want to??
So now, instead of being a watcher of sport, I am now the competitor. And nothing else I do fulfils my competitive instinct like poker does.

So, yes it’s tough. Yes, sometimes it hurts. Yes, it drags me down sometimes.
But I’ll always come running back.


RTRC- HullJimi- Report/ Poker News

This will be a split post with the latest poker news and HullJimi's account of his RTRC.


Well done to HullJimi, who now heads up the table with an excellent profit of $8.98 and the full time of 3hrs thirty achieved!

Here is Jimi's account in his own words:

Hour 1:

I decided I was going to play nice and tight with the full $10 on Bodog - the site has loosest NL10 games I've ever found! I found myself a table with a few nutters on (full ring) and got comfy. Surely I'd have doubled up within the first hour? Well, no.

First hand? The Hammer! A sign surely....?! The very next hand a donkey loses his full buy in by going all in with Q9o - and I was sat thinking to myself "Happy Days", yet it never really happened for me in the first hour. I saw 4 flops in the first 40 hands as I was being dealt utter garbage so guess what? I raised with the next installment of "The Hammer" (it was suited after all!). I get two callers. Eek. I follow it up with another pot sized bet on a flop of J86 rainbow and it gets through! Hooray for the hammer!

So I was a whole $1 up after the first hour.

Hour 2:

Still sat in the cash game, I posted my progress in the RTR online forum only to be slagged by BM for not gambling enough. A fair cop guvnor! I'm sure this had nothing to do with my time in the challenge rapidly approaching BM's, or did it BM?

So I juggled my money around, and fired up a $1.75 18 man turbo on Stars and waited for my luck to change. And it did. Massively.

Whilst being railed by MattH and Cogs, and getting mocked by BM, I started to turn the challenge around.

The SNG was mental - with an "all in" on the first hand (Some nob with a 10 high flush draw!). I picked up AA and took a pot but other than that kept out of the way with my eyes firmly on the massive $10 win. Anyway, the other eye can't have been working properly as I played too tight and had to start to chuck my chips in with gay abandon (not in a Brighton way though Cogs!).

End result? I got knocked out. Balls.

The cash game was going swimmingly however, with a nice pot taken down with quad 5's!

Hour 3:

I entered a $1.20 single table SNG (same as the one's Matt played) and and finished 3rd for a small return. As Matty will tell you (he was watching), I sucked out twice. Nice

Getting short, I ran AQ into AK and saw a cheeky queen (again, not Cogs) and then I pushed my A8o into AK again to see a cheeky little 8 appear!

So with a bit of time left, I piled into a 6 man turbo, $3.40 SNG and I managed to finish 2nd! Nothing spectacular happened, I just played "Quality hands baby" for a nice little win of $6.30.

So, knackered, I called it a day after 3hrs 17mins rather than trying to spin the money up any further in a cash game for 10 minutes. And quite smug I was too! First one to show a profit, and a decent return too with it being very nearly double.

Starting: $10
Cash Profit $7.23 ($17.23)
Tourney Profit - $8.10
Less entrance fees - $6.35
Total: $18.98

End result +$8.98 !

I'm pretty certain someone will whizz past my effort by a long way (I'm looking at Kenn and assuming he'll whack the lot in a $10 SNG!), but it's tough and I was lucky when I needed to be.

Good luck to the next contestant!


Next contestant: TBC

Congratulations to HJ, can anyone beat this excellent feat?


Online High-Stakes News


It was all Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius in the $1000/$2000 H.O.R.S.E. game on Full Tilt Poker table Hatteras as he raked in over $165K in just 410 hands at the table. Also picking up decent wins were “Da Munsta” ($54K+) and Gus Hansen ($48K+). The biggest loser in the game was Niki Jedlicka (-$31K).

Stud Hi/Lo

In some $1000/$2000 Limit Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo on Full Tilt Poker table Sethfield, the player under the handle “2little2late2″ managed a solid $46K+ win in the game. Also picking up wins were “woeisme” ($35K+) and ”gamble up77″ ($21K+). Sharing the losses were David Singer (-$35K) and Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius (-$56K).

Heads up

"p_c4Libr4ted” was the next lucky poker soul to be privileged to some heads-up action against the infamous “tie53″. Playing $300/$600 NL Hold’em on several different tables throughout the afternoon, “p_c4Libr4ted” managed to rake in over $68K in winnings against the generous gambler.


As if collecting over $700K during a 13-hour period in the $200/$400 PL Omaha games on Full Tilt Poker wasn’t enough, the Great Dane managed to nearly duplicate the feat the very next day. Resting for just eight hours before going at it again, Gus Hansen raked in a $619K+ win after 21 hours.


The player known as “MadManMax” was busy in a $500/$1000 Limit Hold’em match on Full Tilt Poker table Tiger punishing “Fatal Fog. It was a battle that lasted over three and a half-hours and saw “MadManMax” rake in over $95K in winnings before it was all over.

General poker news


Six players took their seats shortly after 5 p.m. ET at Foxwoods Resort and Casino for the final table of the 2007 World Poker Tour World Poker Finals. While all six of them had the $1,704,986 first-place prize on their minds there could only be one winner and that was Mike Vela of New Windsor, New York. Before this Mike had a lifetimes winnings of $163,550, so this would be a pretty big boost to his bankroll.


The PPA (Poker Players Alliance) had day 1 of the meeting regarding the UIGEA. Teams from both sides of the argument, to make online poker legal again in the US, fought their corners, but from what I have read it sounds as though the PPA really took the fight to the opposition. Annie Duke was a huge factor and did extremely well for her part. The opposition used arguments such as comparisons to arms smuggling and cocaine trade, all which were easily discounted by the PPA. In conclusion it is looking very positive for time being.
For those of you not totally aware Americans were a HUGE part of online poker traffic (and also some great casual playing fish), but since all the major financial institutions were prosecuted for dealing with transactions between players and poker sites the average American player has found it so difficult to get funds into their poker accounts that they have stopped playing the game altogether. Lets hope the PPA keep up the good fight.

RTR News

We have progress on the New Raise the River League, Seaon 2! We recieved an email from Littlewoods happy that the situation with DTD and Cryptologic has all been cleared up and we are ready to go! Unfortunately the satellites to the CPC have now ended so the winner of the league will recieve a seat in the online final satellite to the EPT (European Poker Tour), worth over $500!! All we need now is confirmation from the forumites that they are happy with the start date. Please check the forum for the proposal.

We have a new leader in the Hall Of Fame for the RTR Challenge. HullJimi this week managed to pull off an amazing profit of $8.98!!! We get the feeling this will take a lot of beating!!! Well done Jimi.

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