Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Poker Third Eye

Is that why they call him "Dirty Harry"?

I know she's attractive, but control yourself man....

A man came home from a poker game late one night and found his hideous harpy of a wife waiting for him with a rolling pin.
"Where the hell have you been?" she asked.
"You'll have to pack all your things, dear," he ad-libbed.
"I've just lost you in a card game."
"How did you manage to do that?"
"It wasn't easy, honest. I had to fold with a royal flush."

Mair RTR challenge- Pre Match

Tonight (tuesday) sees Mair and Hammerheid go head to head in the RTR challenge. Here is Mair's pre-game interview.

1) How are you going to start the challenge??

I seem to do quite well in the $3.40 10 Man Turbos so I am going to fire up 2 of them to start with. If there are enough people playing the 16 man $1.75 HORSE Turbo I will fire up that also.

2) You're up to $25 after an hour. What do you do in that situation??

If I am up $25 in an hour I will probably faint, but I will most likely move up to $6.50 NLHM Turbo 9 Man (I like those!) and possibly a highter buy-in HORSE tournament eg $6.50 8 Man Turbo one.

3) And when are you doing the challenge??

Tuesday evening 20/11/07 at 8pm on Pokerstars

4) Who's going to do better? Mair or Hammerheid??

Stan's form at the moment hasnt been good so I am hoping I have an advantage, knowing my luck, his luck will change and he will fly!