Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Uk Poker Forum #1

30th August 2011 - Round-up

A few things to be mentioned today...

Dave Garden akak NoShoes, goes and wins the APAT WCOAP Main Event in Nottingham for around £13k. Wp sir. Read Details Here

A new challenge Laid down by BurnleyMik. Details Here

Kennl hits the nearly Binkage thread once again, this time with a 4th for $1.6k on Stars. Details Here

Possibilities of Opening/running a New Bloggerment or League for the forum. Discussion here

RaiseTheRiver North vs RaiseTheRiver South - New date annouced for the showdown. There can only be one winner, which camp are you in? Details here

Football Tipster Competition (friendly) tables Updated: Details

Understanding the Offside rule - Read here

More Discussion in the Official 180 Man thread - Details Here