Monday, November 19, 2007

Forum Posts of the week and Blog Post of the week.

The forum post of the week was made, using my own judgement, by myself, BurnleyMik!!

After a lot of thought I thought this would be a very useful thread to lots of players out there and definately worth a read. Best Tournament tips. Includes tips from the mighty M.Saban, who is a member of Poker Player Magazine for the new PP Grandprix season!

Other good posts this week:

Comedy Value

Not a lot in the way of jokes or comedy this week. So the only bit I could find was my reply to acefilled dream limit question thread. In this reply I basically try and get inside the thoughts of a fish who slightly over played 10,3 sooooooooooooooooted!


A post by a newbie, JAYSAKERA, entitled I always die with the best cards in my hand. How ironic. Some excellent replies and thoughts were made by some good players. Taking this advice onboard will certainly do you no harm!

Hand History

A very good post was made by purus, titled Kings on the bubble. This post makes some great explanations about regardless of how powerful your starting hand there are other factors which must be taken into consideration before making that move around the bubble of a game.

Achievements by members

Mike Saban did fantastically well this week and managed to finish 3rd in the £300 buy-in event at the Winter Festival of Poker, which was held in Sheffield. You can see the live thread HERE. Congrats from all at RTR Mike!

Unfortuantely we have no more member successes to brag about that we know of!!! If you know of any let us know.

We are now adding a new feature to this section:

Blog Post Of The Week

As always there are lots of excellent blog posts written by the members, but the winner this week is written by Yorkshire Pudding for his post "I'VE BEEN TAGGED". Please be aware that this post is not for the faint hearted and does contain some "scenes of a sexual nature", lots of swearing and lots of comedy value!