Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poker Third Eye

Joe Hachem plays this weeks TLB winner GeorgieDubya, heads up on sunday November 18, for $5,000!!

Somehow, the Green Goblin doesn't seem quite so scary these days....

It's fun to stay at the YMCA!!!!

Forum posts of the Week.

This weeks forum post of the week was written by:


Here is the link to the thread. LINK

Basically Ace had his laptop cooked in the oven!! There are pictures and everything at his blog. I wondered if he served it up with vegetables....

Other good posts this week

Comedy Value:

This thread just about scrapes it for me, but it was created by Cogsgoigne and the link is HERE.

Very funny indeed!


This was a thread created by Brainchylde and is in regards to how so many people over play AK. The link can be found HERE.

Acheivements by members:

A huge congratualtions to Mair, for qualifying for the APAT again down at Manchester. She managed a 3rd position finish from 55 runners and picked up a Bronze medal in the process. The thread can be found HERE.

Also congratulations to Kenn, who has been tearing up the MTT's again this week and taken a few prop bets on his progress too. He managed to take down the $5k guaranteed and also place 3rd in the $30 rebuy as well as numerous other deep runs. Very well done. Most of kenn's live railage and live updates can be found in the "Online Live" Forum.

Lastly a huge congrats to MattyH or known on the forum as 2much2drink, who won a live poker satellite to play an online final where the top 5 get to go to Vegas to play the WSOP 2008! Very well done Matty and best of luck in the online final. keep us posted. You can see the image and the thread HERE

Bad Beat of the Week:

Was by Portdeco, who suffered a horrendous 1 outer, when his straight flush was beaten by a higher rivered straight flush!! You can check it out HERE

Are there other catagories you would like to see? Hope you enjoy the new weekly feature and hopefully your thread could feature on here next week.