Monday, November 5, 2007

RTR Challenge -Matty H - Pre Match Interview

1) You've got three and a half hours. How much do you think you will make?? I'll be happy to make profit.
It's not an easy challenge. If you can double your money here you are doing incredibly well. So any profit will do

2) How are you going to start the challenge??
I liked Miks idea of playing a couple of $3.40 10 seat turbos. I will start with two of them and see how I get on from there. My other options will depend on how I do in these two. I'm tempted to plough the rest into a cash game, but unlike Miks challenge I wont be wittling away at the 1 and 2 cents tables. I'll join a 10 and 25 cent 6 seater and attempt a risky hit and run. Like I say though, this will depend on how my two sit and goes go

3) You're up to $25 after an hour. What do you do in that situation??
Apart from wondering how I'll almost certainly put 10 bucks of it into a cash game and attempt to at least double it before scarpering. Will probably donk another $3.40 into another stt seeing as they had been kind to me if I'm that much in profit

4) And when are you doing the challenge??
Monday the 5th of November starting around 9pm all being well, but will confirm on the RTR Forum tomorrow

5) If you donk out in twenty minutes, will you be brave enough to show your face in the RTR games on sunday night??
Hell yeah baby! I win it every week

The RaiseTheRiver Challenge - BurnleyMik-Report

The idea of the challange is to start with $10 and run it up to as much as possible in 3.5 hours.

I set out my plan of attack, which you can see here, and decided to just go for it!

Stage 1

I had decided to multi-table and fire up 3 games:

A $3.40 10 Player Turbo SnG - I didn't play particularly badly but I busted on the bloody bubble!! I maybe should have sat out, just to get ITM, but my aim was to cash as much as possible so i could quickly move up.

Second game was also a $3.40 SnG Turbo 10 Player- This was a little tougher, I made a few good plays and put myself into contention when the blinds starteted to rise. There were 3 of us left and I was suprised to see both my opponents understood the push/fold concept. It became really tough and I upped the aggro factor. Thanks to some railage by Cogs, I couldn't be too fishy if someone was watching!!! Anyways, I played hard and finally lost out in 3rd when I called my opponents shove when I had A5 and he had KT. Oh well $6 coming my way i guess!!

Third game i had running at the same time was a $2.20 Heads Up SnG. I figured this was where I could double up quickly and take the proceeds to a cash game.... how wrong I was. I played the fishiest German guy on the bloody internet! He just kept sucking out and he was driving me bloody nuts! Twice he kept hold of bottom pair on the flop and turn, despite me betting heavily, and twice he caught two pair on the river!! LOL. It all eneded on a 3h 4s 6s flop, when I had 5h 5s and he had Ks8s. He made the flush on the turn and I was busted!


the first game to finish above was the heads up and at this point it only meant i had a measly $1 to my name. With the two above SnG's running I took the $1 to a micro stakes 0.01./0.02 6-max cash game. Needless to say i ain't no cash game player and didn't do very well!

As i mentioned i bubbled the first SnG, but I did pick up $6 for third in the second, so I put another $2.80 onto the cash and fired up another $3.40 turbo SnG.

Somehow I managed to win the SnG and for the first time I am in profit by $5 and i have $15 plus what I have at the cash table! By now I am thinking I could break the $1000 mark in this challenge!!!!

So I now decided to put $2 more onto the cash game and fired up 2 more SnG's:

Firstly a $6.50 9 player turbo - I played ok, but some of the other play was far worse than the $3 games. I ran into a guy who just could not fold an ace and he made a runner runner str8 on me when i held KK, which was pretty sick for me. I tried to hang around for as long as possible and finally shoved it all in with A7 and ran into AJ and finished in 6th.

Second $6.50 turbo - Played solid again, but lost over half my stack in a race when i eventually called his shove with AKs and he had JJ, which held. Managed to accumulate a couple more chips, but not enough to make a comeback and eventually bubbled! Was so sick.

All this time I still had the cash game going, where i was just leaking chips. I was missing all my draws and no one respected my raises! I FOUR BET one hand when i had QQ and got three callers..LOL. Unfortunately the board brough AK3 all clubs and someone shoved... LOL.

Final Stage

Doddling abut at the cash game when the SnG's were going was not too bad, but I maybe should have played a little higher to try and accumulate.

Once i bubbled the last SnG I was a tilting a fair bit and decided to shove all-in with a clubs flush draw on the cash game and ran into top two pair and that was that!


I started my challenge at 11.15am and finished at 13.34! So i managed a 2hr 19 mins stint! You can see the live thread i posted at the time of playing here.

Overall Thoughts/Conclusion

I was under no impressions it would be easy and it certainly wasn't. If i had a little more luck in the $6 turbo's i think I could have taken a good shot at finishing in profit, but I guess it wasn't to be.
If i could do it again, i think i would give the cash table a miss because I realised there was just no money to be made, especially for me as I am rubbish at cash, but I think i would have still taken the same route with the SnG's.

Overall I actually enjoyed it much much more than I thought I would and calling it a "challenge" is very appropriate as it definately is!!!

By Burnleymik

You will see the hall-of-faame on the left-hand side of the blog. BM's 2hr 19mins is the target to beat.

Next player up is: 2MUCH2DRINK (aka MattyH)

Good Luck