Sunday, November 11, 2007

RTR Challenge Report- MattyH

Stage 1:

I decided to start with two $3.40 stt turbos, hoping to get some profit on the board early. It didn't work according to plan. I busted out of both of them in the late stages. One when my pocket tens all-in (crapshoot time in true turbo style) ran into the mighty pocket 6s, which then spiked a turned 6. The other when my push with 10,J suited ran into A,Q and neither of us improved.
So, that left me short of options. So I decided to jump into a $1.20 stt with standard blind levels. This was more like my sort of game. Plenty of time to watch the game develope without the blinds eventually pushing you into committing all your chips with any old thing if you were card dead on a loose table early doors. I managed to cash in 2nd place in this game for $2.70

Stage 2:

In the meantime I had already started another of these $1.20 games. Again I finished 2nd in this one. Headsup he just had me covered when I picked up AK and reraised. Villain pushes allin and I hope I'm either miles ahead or racing. As it turns out he is holding KK. No ace and I'm out in 2nd again for another $2.70
Seeing as these games were doing well for me I decided to go for another. I fired this one up and worked out how I was going to invest the money I had left. I figured the best thing to do was fire up yet another one of the $1.20 games and, also, go back and have another go at a $3.40 stt turbo. This meant playing 3 tables at once, which I had to do as time was running short. Now this wont seem much to many of you who multi table all the time, but for me it was bloody difficult. I haven't played online seriously for over a year now due to my live play seriously kicking off, and when I did play online seriously it was on the Boss Network, and only ever one table at a time. I only ever fired up Stars to play a couple of satellites a long time ago, and have only ever used it for drunk donking poker. This Friday nights H.O.R.S.E donking session with a few of the RTR Crew being a good example. So here I was struggling like hell to seriously concentrate on 3 tables at once

Final Stage:

So, I'm multi tabling 3 stts as my finale. For much of all 3 games I held the chip lead at each table. The $1.20 standard blind level games were taking care of themselves (thanks donks) and the turbo was typically fluctuating. Two successive sick beats saw me bust out of the turbo in 5th when I was set for a cash finish. I called an allin for half my stack with JJ and find myself facing J,Q suited. Hitting one Queen wasn't good enough for him as he rivered a 2nd. That left me fairly short stacked and the very next hand I picked up A,Q in the BB. I had two callers and figured this would be as good a chance as any to either triple up or steal the blinds as both callers had fold equity. One called my allin with A,10 and a flop of 9,7,8 left him open ended and four to the flush. The river brought his flush for him and I'm out in 5th
The other two $1.20 stts are going well though. I eventually managed yet another 2nd place in one, and a third place in the other. So here is my RTR Challenge result summary:


$3.40 turbo - No cash
$3.40 turbo - No cash
$3.40 turbo - No cash
$1.20 NLHE - 2nd $2.70
$1.20 NLHE - 2nd $2.70
$1.20 NLHE - 2nd $2.70
$1.20 NLHE - 3rd $1.20

That's a loss of $4.30 from my starting $10

My total time at the tables was - 3 Hours and 37 Minutes.


With hindsight I wouldn't have played any turbos. They are too crapshooty from the middle to end stages. At such low stakes the standard is typically awful and loose, and as such you need cards to make any moves with in the latter stages if you've been card dead on a loose table early doors
If I was to do this again I would probably start with a $6 stt with standard blind levels and use the remaining on the $1.20 games.

I found this challenge very difficult. The need to multi table is not one I'm familiar with or good at. Quite the opposite - I was dreadful. I am, however, relatively happy with my results, although my one gripe is not being able to turn any of my cashes into a win.

Good luck to whoever is next at the felt

Matty H


Next to take the challenge is HullJimi