Friday, November 23, 2007

Hammerheids RTR challenge - Pre Match

1) How are you going to start the challenge??
45 man $1.10 turbo and 18 man $1.75 turbo , im not too good at multitabling so im going to stick to 2 tables open

2) You're up to $25 after an hour. What do you do in that situation??
Faint lol , no if im up by $25 after an hour then im going to continue playing the same tourneys as they say if it aint broken dont fix it

3) And when are you doing the challenge??
Challenge will begin at 8pm on tues 20/11/07

4) Who's going to do better? Mair or Hammerheid?? S
Stupid bleeding question - i think it will be a close run thing but ive got to go for me lol