Saturday, November 3, 2007

RTR Challenge- BurnleyMik

1) You've got three and a half hours. How much do you think you will make??

Realistically, I would be happy to finish the challenge in profit. If i could double the initial investment then I would think I would be in a good position on the RTRC hall of fame.

2) How are you going to start the challenge??

Well cash games are not my strong point, as most of you know! ;o) so I think I am going to fire up 2 $3 SnG's and one smaller buy-in and see if i can make a profit from those. They will have to be turbo's though due to the time restrictions.

3) You're up to $25 after an hour. What do you do in that situation??

Ooooh! if I am I will be happy bunny, thats for sure! If by some miracle I don't donk it off in the first games and I do get so high, I may start to mix the SnG's and cash games to try and speculate to accumulate.

4) And when are you doing the challenge??

I will be attempting the challenge this Sunday afternoon (4th November), most likely.

5) If you donk out in twenty minutes, will you be brave enough to show your face in the RTR games on sunday night??

Of course! I have more front than the Great Wall of China!!!

The RTR Challenge! - Instructions

Ok guys we have a new fun challenge!

here are the guidlines/rules:

1.You get 3 and a half hours to try and turn $10 into as much as possible (and if you lose the $10, the challenge is over).

2. You can multi-table as many as you wish.

3. You must post a thread with the start-time and finish-time and someone will try to keep up with your progress.

4.You must post the following information:
-type of game
-all games played in

5.Only allowed to start an STT at least half an hour before the end of the challenge.
Only allowed to start an MTT at least an hour before the end of the challenge.
Any cash games are only allowed to go around to the next big blind after the time is up.

6. You will have a Before and After set of interview questions to be published at the time of you taking up the challenge!

7. Your results will then be entered into the "Hall Of Fame"

8. One person will be selected per week from a list of volunteers.

It's pretty simple really and it will be a lot of fun to see who can make the most of $10 in the three hour period. Anyone who fancies having a go, feel free to PM either myself (BurnleyMik), Cloud or Brainchylde at the forum and your name will be entered into the hat!

Good Luck and Have fun!